Jonathan writes several columns as well as a variety of other papers. This section includes a variety of articles and papers about Supply Chain Management, Integrated Account Management, Change Management, and other topics of interest. Jonathan's monthly columns in Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge website and e-newsletter are included below.

Strategy, Profitability Maximization, and Business Alignment

Who's Managing Profitability?
"Revenues are Good, Costs are Bad" and Other Business Myths
The Age of Precision Markets
Three Pillars of Strategy
Out-of-the-Box Customer Service
The Hunt for Profits
Making the CFO Chief Profitability Officer
Which Customers Don't Fit?
Profit-Focused Selling
Precision Retailing
Dell Manages Profitability, Not Inventory
Recession Opportunities

Market Development and Sales Management

Account Management: Art or Science?
Use Best Practice to Fire Up Your Sales Team
New Management Tool: Potential-based Sales Forecasting
The Problem With Planning
Reconnect Sales Management to Profitability
Is Your Organization Reptile or Mammal?
Product Companies: Don't Undersell Services
Walk in Your Customers' Shoes
Bridge the Gap Between Strategy and Tactics Pt.1
Bridge the Gap Between Strategy and Tactics Pt.2
Bridge the Gap Between Strategy and Tactics Pt.3

Supply Chain Strategy, Structure, and Management

Supply Chain Management in a Wal-Mart World
You Only Have One Supply Chain?
Profit From Customer Operating Partnerships
The Dilemma of Customer Service
Profit From Managing Your Product Flow
Are You Aiming Too Low with RFID?
Nail Customer Service
Winning With Make-to-Order Manufacturing
Achieving Supply Chain Productivity
Fixing the Healthcare Supply Chain

Leading Change and Middle Management Effectiveness

The Challenges of Paradigmatic Change
Managing Change: Garden, Sandcastle, Mountain, Spaghetti
Manage Paradigmatic Change
Creating Paradigmatic Change in Your Customers
Manage Your Suppliers as a Resource
Managing at the Right Level
Middle Management Excellence
Action-Training for Effective Change
Learning to Manage Complexity
New CIO Role: Change Warrior
Masterly Management
The Essence of Leadership

Other Topics

Airline Deregulation: Lessons for Telecom
Three Ways to Leverage Your Time

General Reference Article

Intercompany Operating Ties: Unlocking the Value in Channel Restructuring
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